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Because the event had to be postponed for a logistical delay, the application process in no longer open for new applicants. Please stay tuned, more information will be posted at the beggining of 2020. 

Competition :

Amateur, Semi-Pro and Pro.

Mains informations:
To apply you have to pay the entry fee, send a video of your performance with name, surname, date of birth, division and category at swisspoletheatre@gmail.com. Vidéo will be judged by Michelle Shimmy and Maddie Sparkle.

Entree fees must be paid on time with your application otherwise, your video won't be judged.

Advices :

Videos MUST be on youtube. No downloadable files allowed. Videos may be on unlisted setting in youtube, but not private.

The title of the video on youtube must say that it is a Pole Theatre entry and must have the entrant's name and category in the title, e.g. Michelle Shimmy, Pole Comedy, Pro, Pole Theatre Sydney 2015.

The description of the video on youtube or vimeo must contain the entrant's proposed performance description (so that the judges can easily refer to it while watching) e.g. "In my proposed performance at Pole Theatre Sydney 2015 in Pole Comedy, I will be portraying a zombie who comes back to life and is elected Prime Minister of Australia to replace the current guy, and ends up doing a much better job."

Videos must not be edited in any way and must be filmed in one single shot (i.e. no splicing together of different clips)

Videos must be of good quality with sufficient lighting.

Only one video will be viewed per entrant / per category. 

The video must show only the competitor performing. It is not acceptable to submit a group performance and expect the judges to guess the competitor in the group. Human props are allowed to be in the video if they are being used as human props and not also performing.

In Pole Classique, entrants must wear heels in their video entry so that the judges can see that they are able to dance with.

It is strongly advised that competitors submit a video that matches their chosen category and story, i.e. if you have chosen to enter Pole Comedy with a clown story, it is advisable to enter a video of you doing what you exepect to intend on stage. So the judges can see that you are capable of comedy and judge the full performance you wanna show on stage. It is also important to make sure you have a balance between tricks and floorwork, and that you demonstrate that you have strong performance skills and have good stage presence, even if your video is filmed in a studio setting. The judges want to see that you are capable of engaging and connecting with an audience.

The spacing between poles and height, duration of the final choreography and other information concerning the final will be supplied to the finalists. This information is not necessary for the selection step.

The entry fee:

Amateur, semi-pro and pro : The entry fee costs 60.- CHF per application. This amount is not refundable in case you are not finalist. This amount cover the cost of the event. 


INFORMATION IMPORTANTE : Suite à une contrainte logistique, l'événement doit être reporté. Les candidatures sont dorénavant fermées jusqu'à nouvel avis. Nous vous invitons à restez connectés, car des informations vous seront communiquées début 2020. Merci de votre compréhension. 


YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE : Because the event had to be postponed for a logistical delay, the application process in no longer open for new applicants. Please stay tuned, more information will be posted at the beggining of 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

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